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Re: CCPL-by

Joe Buck <Joe.Buck@synopsys.COM>:

> The issue is not whether it's right or wrong.  It's more fundamental than
> that.  The DFSG were originally designed for software; if they are to be
> extended to apply to works that are mainly about expression rather than
> function, you risk bumping up against the law.  Someone in, say, France,
> may not legally be able to grant the permissions that you are demanding.
> Now, the French contributor can sneak something past debian-legal by
> writing a license text that appears to grant permissions that the
> contributor has no power to grant.  Is that what you want?

Are you sure the location of the contributor is relevant?

With copyright the nationality of the author and where the work was
produced are normally irrelevant, as I understand it, so if one
American sues another American for an alleged infringement that took
place in France, then French law applies.

Moral rights might be different, of course. Perhaps according to
French law only French authors have moral rights. :-)

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