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Re: Re: CCPL-by

Jeremy Hankins <nowan@nowan.org> writes:

> I'm not clear what "the extent practicable" means here, but it sounds
> like you may be required to purge the authors name/etc. from the work if
> the author asks you to.  That sounds like another non-free point.

Careful. Is Debian attempting to push a concept of "free" that conflicts with the European concept of the author's moral right? These are a set of rights that the author has that cannot be waived, no matter whether the author wants to waive those rights or not. In particular, if an author's work is modified so that it then expresses political opinions the author finds repugnant, to continue to associate the work with the author would violate the author's moral right (if it were even legal in
the first place).

Similar rights in the US are often established by labor contracts; when a director does not have final cut, he/she can still insist that his/her name is taken off the

In most of Europe an author may have the right to insist that you purge his/her name from a derivative work no matter what license is used.

If, in a foolish attempt at consistency, Debian wants to insist on the right to put words in peoples' mouths, there's a problem.

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