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Re: [Maybe OT] License problem

Hello Otto,

Let me try to summarize your situation to make sure I understand:

1. You have a piece of software that you wish to be Open Source.
2. That software uses icons and images, which are interchangable
   as a theme.
3. You wish to allow companies to distribute their own icons and
   images as a replacement for the default -- and have few restrictions
   on those icons and images.
4. Regardless of what happens with #3, you still want the code itself
   to reman Open Source.

Here's my recommendation: License the code under the GPL.  Make the code
have hooks to load the icons and images at runtime (so that they are not
required at build time).  If you want, you can even add something like
this to your copyright statement:

   As a special exception, theme materials such as icons and images that
   you create for this program are not considered to fall under this
   License, and you may distribute them with whatever license you

Though that is probably not really necessary.

-- John

On Thu, Mar 11, 2004 at 09:43:50PM +0100, Otto Wyss wrote:
> I've started a new OpenSource project but can't decide which license is
> best suited. Since there isn't any other place to ask about licenses I
> ask it here even if its just partially interesting for Debian. In case
> there is a better place just say so.
> My project is OpenSource an should be Debian compliant so if eventually
> chosen it should fit into main. The project has 2 parts, one is the code
> which will be OpenSource and one is theme (icons, images, etc.) which
> might be either OpenSource or propretary. The project will always
> contain a code part and a theme part, both OpenSource but it should be
> possible for a company to sell the code part with their own proprietary theme.
> First I don't know if I have to take any precautions and if I have to
> license the two parts separatly. Also I don't know which license best
> fits this case. I currently intent to use the wxWindows license mostly
> because I use it in other projects.
> What would you advice me?
> O. Wyss
> PS. My project isn't currently public announced, if someone needs to
> have a look to answer the above question just ask me direct
> -- 
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