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Re: License for the Torque Resource Manager (RFC)

Roberto Gordo Saez <rgs@linalco.com> writes:

>> So it's definitely non-free, in addition to what you say below.  I
>> think I understand you to have said that conditions 1 and 2 don't
>> apply any more; in that case, can you have the copyright holder remove
>> them?  That would be much, much more clear and safe.
>> -Brian
> The expiration note is included with the license text, maybe you have
> missed it.
> The copyright holder has removed the expiration date in the current
> version of the license. Because of that, i think that the license used in
> Torque correspond to a previous release of OpenPBS (?). I can try to
> contact them anyway...

I did see the expiration date, and while its meaning is unambiguous I
do not think it clear.  Certainly, it would be *more* clear, and
better in all ways, to not have those clauses then to have them
preceded by a note that they do not apply.


Brian Sniffen                                       bts@alum.mit.edu

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