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[Maybe OT] License problem

I've started a new OpenSource project but can't decide which license is
best suited. Since there isn't any other place to ask about licenses I
ask it here even if its just partially interesting for Debian. In case
there is a better place just say so.

My project is OpenSource an should be Debian compliant so if eventually
chosen it should fit into main. The project has 2 parts, one is the code
which will be OpenSource and one is theme (icons, images, etc.) which
might be either OpenSource or propretary. The project will always
contain a code part and a theme part, both OpenSource but it should be
possible for a company to sell the code part with their own proprietary theme.

First I don't know if I have to take any precautions and if I have to
license the two parts separatly. Also I don't know which license best
fits this case. I currently intent to use the wxWindows license mostly
because I use it in other projects.

What would you advice me?

O. Wyss

PS. My project isn't currently public announced, if someone needs to
have a look to answer the above question just ask me direct

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