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Re: If DFSG apply to non-software, is GPL*L* incompatible with DFSG?

On Sat, Feb 28, 2004 at 11:40:01AM -0500, Stephen Ryan wrote:
> It is clear to me that Debian has been proceeding with something roughly
> like the following:
> The legal documents (copyright notice, license) must be retained
> verbatim in order for all of us to avoid being sued into oblivion. 
> Proper attribution (i.e., not misrepresenting anything about the
> original author) is the only honest thing to do.  Everything else should
> be modifiable to suit, or else it isn't truly Free.  

Actually, you're confusing things here.

The legal documents, *as applied to a particular package*, must be
retained verbatim.  But the law itself doesn't prevent me from taking
the GPL, modifying it, and using the modified version as a license for
my own package.

The GPL does, however, prevent this; and that is why I complained loudly
about our stance on this sometime back.

-- John

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