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crypto in non-free (again)


A month ago, I raised the question of whether the packages in
non-us/non-free could move to non-free. The discussion died out
before there was any consensus, so I'm raising it again.

There are two packages in non-us/non-free, pgp5i and rsaref2. ckermit,
which I am adopting, would also need to move into non-us/non-free, as I
am adding the crypto compile options.

If I understand things correctly, their licenses would permit the move
(ie meet the EAR requirements) , and in the case of rsaref2 and pgp5i,
the only thing holding them in non-us is the RSA patent, which I
believe expired in September 2000.

I realise that as it is non-free, debian might not want to go through
the hassle of EAR/BXA registration.

any comments?


PS I will soon be looking for a sponsor for uploading ckermit, please
drop me a line if you can help.

PPS Original thread starts at:


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