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Re: free licensing of TEI Guidelines

On Feb 24, 2004, at 19:28, Josh Triplett wrote:

Claiming endorsement by TEI without permission is definitely not
allowed, and this restriction is perfectly DFSG-free.  However,
trademarks cannot be applied to functional elements, and a namespace
seems like a functional element, since a program reading the XML/SGML
could check the namespace and fail if it is not a given value.

I'm not too familiar with XML namespaces, but I thought the intent --- and it agrees with the definition that has been posted here --- is a non-functional one of identifying the origin of the tag. Even if not, surely a menu is at least as much a functional element as a namespace (if I understand them right at all), but if I title my menu "Microsoft" I can expect trouble.

As far as the DFSG, keep on mind
	Message-Id: <[🔎] C75A6082-6702-11D8-8DBD-00039317863E@suespammers.org>
where I suggest that his goal is best achieved under the Lanham Act (i.e., trademark law). In particular, Sec. 1125(a)1

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