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Re: Re: Patent issues


Brian M. Carlson wrote:
> > I wonder if it is still possible for sarge to be released before 7
> > July 2004 (international expiration of US4558302). If not, we could 
> > start to move GIF/LZW patent encumbered packages from non-free and 
> > contrib to main.

> They will most likely not be moved until the patent expires. Packages
> that contain LZW code should not be in contrib; they should be in
> non-free because they cannot be practiced under a DFSG-free license.

Consider hyperlatex. It's in contrib because it depends on
netpbm-nonfree (generating .gifs). That's what I meant with the above.

> > I wonder what Debian considers the threshold of importance for patents
> > that can be ignored and patents that we care about.

> Active enforcement.

We don't know if the patent holder enforces the named patents next week.
We violate them and we don't have a license for using them. If you mean
that we just follow common practice, well...


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