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Advice for software license

Hi all,

I'm currently developping (well, quite slowly, I must say), what is supposed 
to be an XML framework (cocoon like, but without java, and much less 
sophisticated), and need some licensing advice (since, well, I'll also be 
maintaining a debian package for it, I'm asking here)
This is supposed to come in separate packages.
The central point is a library, linked to libltdl (LGPL) and libxml2 (MIT or 
This library is able to dynamically load modules (which could possibly be 
licensed differently from the library). One module is linked to libpcre, an 
other is linked to libxslt, and others could be linked to things like 
imagemagick library, sqlrelay, etc.
Finally, there are several different implementations of the library, one being 
a "full featured" standalone application, an other a standalone CGI, and an 
other an Apache module.
Considering all these different licenses graviting around the project, I was 
wondering which one(s) would be suitable to avoid licensing conflicts.
My very first idea was Affero GPL with some linking exceptions (which should 
be needed for linking to apache), but I'm now considering just going for LGPL 
for the whole and/or GPL for some parts where possible, but I must admit that 
having so much licenses graviting around is a bit scary (therefore, it's so 
easy to create incompatibilities...).
Any idea is welcome ^^



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