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Re: What constitutes a package for Policy

On Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 09:02:15AM -0700, Joel Baker wrote:

> > For example, a jikes has a Recommends as follows:

> > Recommends: jikes-sablevm | jikes-gij | jikes-classpath | jikes-kaffe | jikes-sun

> > Now, all of these packages, but jikes-sun, are in main (or will be once
> > uploaded). Does jikes satisfy the policy? Does the policy refer to "a
> > package" as "jikes-sablevm OR jikes-gij OR ..."

> > OR

> > does it mean "jikes-sablevm AND jikes-gij AND ... " ?

> Point 1 - It's "Recommends". Therefore, it doesn't matter. You can
> Recommend *anything*, even stuff that is so non-free that Debian doesn't
> distribute it at all (though it would be better to Suggest it unless there
> are free alternatives; see point 2).

Unless Policy has changed since the last time I looked, I understood
that the consensus was that both Depends: and Recommends: must be
satisfiable within main, due to the behavior of certain packaging
front-ends which will pull in recommended packages by default.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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