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Re: classes built by JDK

Salut Nicolas,

Nicolas Sabouret wrote:

Josh Triplett proposed me a patch to move javacc from contrib to main (see bug #225484).

We however have a question regarding java classes embedded into a .jar file that were compiled against Sun'JDK (non-free). The .java source files are all provided in the package's source (they can be compiled using kaffe) but the fact is they were not compiled using free software. My opinion is that we can distribute them into debian/main as it is (without recompiling the classes with kaffe) since the source files are provided. I want to avoid non-needed changes w.r.t. upstream source.

However, Josh thinks that this makes the .jar file non-free and that we must recompile them. Please note that we have no proof that it was compiled using Sun's JDK, but the names of the files in the .jar file strongly suggest it...

What do you (debian-legal) think ?

Recompile. Really. It makes your life much simpler and ensures the freedom of users to do the same without relying on non-free software.

It's the easiest way to see if it can really be built using the free toolchain, or not [1]. If it can't be, it has no business being in main, afaik.

dalibor topic

[1] For example, the free toolchain might have a bug preventing the compilation. We want to know about such things before they bite users.

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