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Re: classes built by JDK

On Jan 8, 2004, at 04:45, Nicolas Sabouret wrote:


Josh Triplett proposed me a patch to move javacc from contrib to main (see bug #225484).

We however have a question regarding java classes embedded into a .jar file that were compiled against Sun'JDK (non-free). The .java source files are all provided in the package's source (they can be compiled using kaffe) but the fact is they were not compiled using free software. My opinion is that we can distribute them into debian/main as it is (without recompiling the classes with kaffe) since the source files are provided. I want to avoid non-needed changes w.r.t. upstream source.

<opinion type="random" informed="somewhat">
	First off, the .class files aren't source. They really shouldn't be
	in the source tarball, methinks. They should be built from .java
	using, e.g., kaffe, by debian/rules.

	Otherwise, modifying them is made needlessly hard. No reason to make
	the job of our security team, for example, harder.

Now, as far as "is it allowed" I'd venture to agree with Lionel Elie Mamane. I'd have to have the security team unable to make an update because it turns out kaffe doesn't actually build them, or worse that the .class files have subtle brokeness, which ultimately harms our users.

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