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Re: classes built by JDK

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 10:45:59AM +0100, Nicolas Sabouret wrote:

> Josh Triplett proposed me a patch to move javacc from contrib to
> main (see bug #225484).

> The .java source files are all provided in the package's source
> (they can be compiled using kaffe) but the fact is they were not
> compiled using free software.

To be in main, the package *must* build-depend only on things in
main. So, please take extra good care that the following is respected:

 If build-time dependencies are specified, it must be possible to
 build the package and produce working binaries on a system with only
 essential and build-essential packages installed and also those
 required to satisfy the build-time relationships

It seems very hard to me to check this (especially the "working
binaries" part, no new bug) if the binary packages in Debian haven't
been built with the free toolchain.


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