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Re: Plugins, libraries, licenses and Debian

Måns Rullgård, 2003-12-07 18:10:06 +0100 :


> I'm considering splitting the package into program-free and
> program-gpl, just to annoy those who'd be annoyed by such a naming.

  On the one hand, I find that childish.  On the other, Debian does
exactly that for GFDL documents.  So, :-/


> I have a suspicion that most people that publish their programs
> under the GPL use the GPL only because it's the license they've
> heard of the most, without really considering all the implications.
> I'd like to see a bit more of a discussion on these matters, so
> people would realize that the GPL perhaps isn't as "free" as it's
> advocates want it to look like.

  I have a strong feeling that this used to be the case, three years
ago.  But no more.  I believe that nowadays, people writing free
software are aware of the implications of their choice, and they
choose the GPL willingly, knowingly and deliberately.  There have been
numerous articles published both for and against the GPL, and I think
most software authors have read at least one of them.  I'm pretty sure
people do read the GPL before using it for their programs, and I trust
them to understand what it says.  Especially when it's the subject of
many controversies and FUD.

  Now your argument about what constitutes a derived work is worthy of

Roland Mas

Et c'est tellement plus mignon de se faire traiter de con en chanson...
  -- in En chantant (Michel Sardou)

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