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Re: BSD Protection License

Op wo 22-10-2003, om 21:46 schreef Adam Majer:
> Hi,
> Could anyone tell me if the "BSD Protection License" can be used
> for main?
> It can be found at:
>    http://people.debian.org/~adamm/LICENSE

There have been numerous people explaining that this license seems
non-DFSG-free, and I concur. However, even if the wording were changed
to more clearly allow people to choose between 3 and 4, I don't think it
serves its purpose (that of being GPL-incompatible):

If there's an option to choose between either paragraph 3 and paragraph
4, this means you can effectively ignore paragraph 3 entirely if the
Program is coupled with code under another license. So, to check whether
or not the license is GPL-compatible, one would have to see whether any
of the terms in the license _outside of paragraph 3_ impose 'further
restrictions' as defined in the GPL. I don't think that is the case;
AFAICS, the only GPL-incompatibility in this entire license is paragraph

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