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Re: BSD Protection License

On 2003-10-23 07:47:30 +0100 Colin Percival <colin.percival@wadham.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
This email might break the thread again -- because I'm replying to an email which wasn't sent to me, by copying and pasting out of the list archives.

I am assuming from this that you wish a CC to be sent to you, although you have not requested one.

Judges and/or juries, who are assumed to be reasonable. I don't see that there is any confusion inherent in a license which states "You may do X if Y. You may do X if Z"; but even if there was confusion, it is to be interpreted in a manner which makes sense.

Please explain why you think that the normal interpretation of "You may do X if Y and Z" is not a reasonable interpretation. If it leaves your licence inconsistent, then we must be cautious about it. If you wish to have "You may do X if Y or Z" then you should state that.

  I'm not advocating anything.

Please remove the Preamble then. You seem to advocate acceptance of proprietary software development in it.

Just for the record, I concur that the license is not DFSG Free.
For the record, can you tell me specifically which parts of the DFSG are not satisfied by this license?

We are currently centering on not meeting DFSG 3, but I think that questions remain on 5, 6 and 7 too. I have not considered them further yet, as it only takes one failure to make the licence unsuitable and I am not volunteering to help you correct the licence. I don't really have the time and I don't like this licence, especially the preamble which seems to suggest that commercial developers of GPL'd software like me are doing something wrong. That may be your opinion, but I don't have to like it.

As regards the "BSD Protection Licence" name, I think that this borders on misrepresentation of the licence as the work of UCB if there is no link. Also, someone else holds the BSD trademark, but I forget who.

OT: What triggered this burst of people modifying the BSD licence to be incompatible with all other free software licences? This is the second on -legal this month, I think.

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