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On Sat 04 Oct Fedor Zuev wrote:
> 	The same (see above) point is not correct for political
> speech.  Unlimitedly modifiable political speech is _not_ a normal
> mode of operation and never was. So, when you demand DFSG-compliant
> (free-censorable)  political texts, you not help to recover the
> effective and honest mode of operation, but create purely fictional
> requirement, which is not justified by any actual need, and is not
> backed by any actual practice.

Free political speech was normal for the vast majority of human history.
You think Plato copyrighted his work?  Copyright is a modern invention,
however you work it.

This, of course, is completely beside the point.  The idea that
something is good because it's old is exactly as fallacious as the idea
that something is good because it's new.


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