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Re: Respect for Upstream Authors and Snippets of Interest

Dylan Thurston <dpt@math.harvard.edu>:

> On 2003-09-27, Barak Pearlmutter <barak@cs.may.ie> wrote:
> > Based on long-standing Debian tradition and practice, this [removing
> > non-modifiable texts] is decidedly and demonstrably not the case!
> It is long-standing tradition; however, whether it should continue is
> another question.  I haven't seen many people offering a principled
> defense of the practice.

Perhaps most people either felt that it was outside debian-legal's
mandate to question such a long-standing practice, or that the
practice is so obviously reasonable and common that it does not merit

> Already filed as bug #207932, marked as sarge-ignore (per the release
> manager's stated policy).  If you want to offer a principled reason
> why this is not a bug, I'm eager to be convinced (although IANADD, so
> you don't need to convince me).

Okay - that's not a bug because they're just little harmless snippets
which are informative and interesting, are not functional, are
*removable*, and merely accompany the package but do not constitute an
integral part of it.  By long-standing Debian tradition their
inclusion is considered reasonable and proper, and not a violation of
policy.  Since this is the case, the burden of proof is upon you to
demand such an serious change in Debian practice.  Certainly their
removal goes far beyond the GFDL-related consensus reached by
debian-legal, which was concerned with non-removable materials.

> Peace,

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