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a DFSG/GNU FDL quick reference webpage

I have occasionally received requests in private mail for some links to
a document "summarizing Debian's position" on the GNU FDL as it relates
to the DFSG.

As we know, there isn't any one canonical document, but I think we've
reached the point where a few mailing list messages and existing essays
cover most of the ground which gets tiresome re-covered in this mailing
list over and over again.

I have, therefore, updated my FDL webpage:


If you have additional links to suggest, please do so in reply to this
message (replying to the list is fine).

I don't intend to add any essays or position statements to the body of
that page; I'd rather it served as a jumping-off point for further

I'd also be happy to post links to any essays authored by people
speaking for the FSF in rebuttal to the issues Debian has raised.
Unfortunately, I don't know of any.  If you do, please bring them to my

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