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Re: A possible GFDL compromise: a proposal

    > I don't think that section titles are a problem--it would not be
    > hard to put them in a program.  But it is true that you cannot take
    > text from a GFDL-covered manual and put it into most free programs.
    > This is because the GFDL is incompatible with the normal free
    > software license.

    This is incorrect, and you know it.

I stand by what I said.

    You cannot take text from a GFDL manual and put it into ANY free
    program, and still have a free program.

    The problem is not that the GFDL is incompatible with this or that
    free software license.  It's that it is incompatible with EVERY free
    software license, at least, if you want the combined work to still be
    free software.

I understand that you are talking about the latter question.  There is
no need to keep repeating it; I understood it the first time.  I did
not respond right away, but you should have seen my response by now.

I don't agree that the latter is the important question.  I think the
former is the question that matters.  I am not sure if the GFDL is a
free software license, but I don't think the question matters.

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