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Re: use of official logo in app splash screens

> On releases@openoffice.org recently was announced [1] that there is now
> the Sun logo embedded into the OOo splash screen and that vendors are
> encouraged to add their logos to the screen instead of the Sun
> things....
> So, we want to add the Debian Logo there.
> http://people.debian.org/~rene/openoffice.org/splash-gimp.png
> is the "Sun screen" and an empty one.
> Now, we wonder if we are allowed to use the official logo (because it
> is a Debian-product, the Debian-Pakete of OpenOffice.org) or if we
> should use the open one?

	The official one is not acceptable for this use.

	The open use logo would be great to use, and certain packages
already do, except it has a non-free license!  Please see the following



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