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    >                                                           But I think
    > that would not be free, because this behavior is substantive, not mere
    > packaging.  It's not the same as just printing an informative message
    > about something nontechnical.

    You often refer to the inclusion of Invariant Sections as a mere
    packaging issue.  To us, a packaging issue is how software gets packed
    to distribution and installation on someone's system and has little to
    do with the content that gets installed (e.g. Invariant Section are
    content, not packaging).

We are talking about two different kinds of packaging.  When I speak
of a "packaging requirement" I'm talking about a requirement that
applies to the form of a program or other work, but not the substance.
This a different kind of packaging from the making of Debian packages
containing the programs and other works.

I'm sorry if this matter of terminology caused any confusion.

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