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Re: There was never a chance of a "GFDL compromise"

On Tuesday, Sep 23, 2003, at 03:30 US/Eastern, Jacobo Tarrio wrote:

Well, in that case they'll make the document DFSG-nonfree. If they were removable and modifiable the document would be DFSG-free (except for the DRM
clause, of course).

The DRM clause isn't all. There is also the transparent form definition (excluding, e.g., OpenOffice); and, as has been recently pointed out to me, the requirements for distributing opaque forms in quantities over 100.

If you distribute opaque forms in quantities over 100 via FTP, you can't just place the transparent forms on the same server. Instead, you must force the user to download the transparent form as well, or you must keep the transparent form around for a year. I've already emailed with RMS about this, and he says he'll look into it.

There may be more...

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