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Re: stepping in between Debian and FSF

On Mon, Sep 08, 2003 at 10:53:56AM -0500, John Goerzen wrote:
> Not entirely.  My proposal to remove non-free from our archives and amend
> the social contract to state that it will no longer be available on our FTP
> servers is what is in the air.

[s/state that it will no longer/no longer state that it will/, as you

> We can, without making any change to the social contract or requiring any
> GR, create a separate /debian-non-free archive on our mirror system, and
> change the base system to provide no reference to it.

And likewise, we can amend the Social Contract to longer engrave in iron
our commitment to continue distributing non-free software.

In other words, we can make it no longer a violation of the Social
Contract to stop providing FTP access to a non-free software archive,
but continue to provide it for other reasons.

That issue is more personally important to me.  I want us to be able to
evaluate the utility of non-free on purely pragmatic grounds, instead of
locking ourselves via the Social Contract into distributing non-free via
FTP.  We could then either cut non-free loose as an ordinary operational
decision, establish some sort of criteria under which it would be
"automatically" dropped, or put non-free under the control of some
delegate or committee.

Essentially, divorcing non-free from the Social Contract gives us *more*
freedom to deal with it as we wish, not less.

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