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Re: What does GFDL do?

On Sun, 21 Sep 2003, Richard Stallman wrote:
>     There's a critical difference here. The GPL can accompany the
>     reference card. The invariant material must be in the reference
>     card.
> I explained months ago, and again last week, why this is not so.

I must have missed that explanation. Can you provide a reference to it?

From a relatively strict reading of the license, however, I see no
indication of a method which you could distribute the reference card
with the license and invariant sections not merely accompanying, but

Perhaps you or someone else could walk through and explain the
verbiage of the license that allows one to do this?

[The closest I came was removing a single document from a collection
of documents, but then you have to follow the rules applying to
verbatim copying, which doesn't seem to grant us anything usefull.]

Don Armstrong

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