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Re: A possible GFDL compromise: a proposal

Alexandre Dulaunoy, 2003-09-21 17:40:11 +0200 :

> So if you take the document from the Gutenberg[1] project, is it
> software for you ?  and you have to apply the rule of DFSG for the
> books of Steven Levy or Victor Hugo ?

I would, and I believe the Debian project would, too.

> Would you modify the various books ?

  Yes.  I'd translate them for people not speaking the language.  Or
write simplified versions for children who do not understand
complicated sentences.  Or both at the same time (insert your
favourite anti-USAns joke here).

> A book is not software and this is not the same definition.  The
> freedom objectives are the same but they are small differences.

  And your point is?

> [1] The vast majority of Gutenberg books are in public domain. So
> you are allowed to make a lot of thing with the books.

  That's why these works would pass the DFSG criteria.

  Again: your point is?  I don't see how the example of a public
domain book brings useful and relevant information to the debate of
whether GFDL documents are free enough to be in Debian.

Roland Mas

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