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Re: A possible GFDL compromise: a proposal

Richard Stallman, 2003-09-21 16:00:17 +0200 :

>     If you are willing to disregard the explanation of the meaning of
>     a text by its author in order to reinterpret it, you're on the
>     wrong way. It is absurd to argue rigidly that "the DFSG obviously
>     doesn't say that" when its author says it is.
> To point out what the words of the DFSG actually say is surely
> appropriate for understanding it.  I don't think that a message from
> Bruce Perens, proposing an interpretation that is contrary to the
> words, settles the issue.  It is up to the Debian developers to decide
> Debian's interpretation of the DFSG, but if they choose an interpretation
> which is not what the words say, I hope they will recognize that they
> could choose a different one.

My own interpretation of these words is the same as Bruce's, and I
also believe it's exactly what the words say.  Of course, you're
entitled to not agree on that, but please don't assert that the words
say this or that unless you get wide consensus (which currently seems
to exist, only not the wya you'd like it to be).

Roland Mas

The best definition of an immortal is someone who hasn't died yet.
  -- in Ye Gods! (Tom Holt)

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