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Re: A possible GFDL compromise: a proposal

Le dim 21/09/2003 à 15:52, Mathieu Roy a écrit :
> >   The DFSG are for the Debian OS.  Not for the Debian project.  Please
> > stop mixing these two notions, they are not identical.
> You failed to convince me. But if it helps you to see things that way,
> feel free to do it...

I'm afraid many people here are not trying to convince you, but rather
to get rid of you.

> >   I'm not sure the GNU project is more consistent than the Debian
> > project is: its major goal is to provide freedom to the users, yet it
> > publishes non-free documentation
> This is a mistake.
> It publishes free documentation according to GNU, non-free according
> to Debian.

You seem to forget the GNU project also publishes non-free, entirely
unmodifiable essays.

(BTW, I don't believe the GFDL to be free even using the GNU definition
of freedom.)

> >   It's not playing on words.  It's just how things are.  When you buy
> > a car from brand X, you don't get any rights on the trademark X, or on
> > the X logo.
> Yes, and I do not claim that the logo Renault on my car is not part of
> my car.

The official Debian logo means endorsement by the Debian PROJECT. Do you
understand what is the Debian PROJECT ? A DD-wannabe like you should be
aware of the distinction between the project and the OS. The official
Debian logo is not included in the Debian OS (read: it is not on your
car), it is a mark of approval by the community of Debian developers
(read: it is on the Renault dealer's sign).
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