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Re: GPL preamble removal

Brian T. Sniffen wrote: 

>OK.  I have a copy of Emacs here, licensed to me under the GNU GPL2.
>I have made some modifications to it, and updated the changelogs and
>history notes.  I wish to give it to a friend.  Section 2b requires
>that I distribute my new program, Sniffmacs, "under the terms of this
>License," GPL2.  Can I give my friend Sniffmacs, together with the
>"Terms and Conditions" section of the GPL, retitled as "Sniffen GPL"?
>As far as I can tell, this meets the requirements for creating a new
>license based on the GPL, and meets the requirements for distributing
>GPL'd software.

Keith Dunwoody wrote:
>I believe the answer is no. The appropriate part of the GPL is section 2b.

Keith is wrong; the appropriate part is actually section 1.
"...and give any other recipients of the Program a copy of this License
along with the Program."

In this context, "this License" means the unmodified text of the GNU GPL, 
presumably including the preamble; there really isn't any other 
interpretation.  So you can distrbitute Sniffmacs under the Sniffen GPL, but 
you have to distribute a copy of the original GNU GPL with it, kind of 
defeating the purpose...

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