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A solution ?!?

RMS wrote (in 
>Part of the document can be a separate file,
>because a document can be more than one file.
>This detail of wording doesn't make a difference that I can see.

Aha.  I just found a way to put GFDL manuals with Invariant Sections in main.

Put the manual, without the Invariant Sections, in one package in main.
Put the Invariant Sections and Cover Texts in a package in non-free.

The "document" consists of both packages.  The fact that users are not 
obligated to download both at the same time is irrelevant, just as it is 
irrelevant to the GPL that users can choose to download binaries without 
source; and just as it is irrelevant that users can choose to download single 
source files from CVS without downloading even the license.

You seem to be suggesting that this would satisfy the distribution terms of 
the GFDL.  Are you really suggesting this?  If so, we may have a solution.  

If not, why and how do you make a distinction between the other cases 
mentioned above, and this one?  Seriously.


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