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Re: A possible GFDL compromise: a proposal

Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org> writes:

> To the readers of this message: if you are a Debian developer and you
> do, or perhaps might, support including manuals covered by the GFDL
> (without expecting it to change) in Debian, please write to me and
> tell me.  (I am not subscribed to debian-legal and could not handle
> the volume of mail.)  But before you send it, please see if I have
> sent a further message to debian-legal saying "enough!"

RMS, if you go through with this, I will begin soliciting the inverse
question from members of the GNU Project.

If you then proceed to say "some Debian developers disagree, so Debian
cannot really hold position X" (as if Debian operated only by
unanimous consent), then I will begin a public campaign to make sure
that the world knows that your positions are not necessarily those of
every participant in the GNU Project.

But I would find this state of affairs to be divisive and destructive.

So how about you don't try to tell Debian what we think, and you
decide not to engage in an attempt to subvert Debian's procedures, and
I will leave you to pretend to be the sole spokesman for the GNU
Project, and we can then proceed to try and settle our differences


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