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Re: Some licensing questions regarding celestia

On Tue, 09 Sep 2003, Richard Braakman wrote:
> That's a restriction imposed by copyright law, not by the license.
> Unless you're talking about a modification-in-place, without making
> any copies in the process. 

Yes, I'm talking about a modification-in-place. After re-reading I see
I didn't make that very clear. Mea Culpa.

> That's a very rare event when talking about electronic media.  Yes,
> you can draw funny pictures of RMS on the tapes you bought from the
> FSF, and then resell them.

Sure, but the software license purports to restrict this. The only way
it can is if it's a lease. If it's a transfer of ownership, then it
can't. I'm not totally convinced one way or another is right, but case
law and legislation (UCITA, etc.) seems to be going towards leases.

Don Armstrong

"Ban cryptography! Yes. Let's also ban pencils, pens and paper, since
criminals can use them to draw plans of the joint they are casing or
even, god forbid, create one time pads to pass uncrackable codes to
each other. Ban open spaces since criminals could use them to converse
with each other out of earshot of the police. Let's ban flags since
they could be used to pass secret messages in semaphore. In fact let's
just ban all forms of verbal and non-verbal communication -- let's see
those criminals make plans now!"


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