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Re: stepping in between Debian and FSF

On 2003-09-05, Bruce Perens <bruce@perens.com> wrote:
> Regarding FSF's definition of free software, it would have been nice if
> you'd published one before we created the DFSG. We wouldn't have had to
> write it. At the time we did, you sent me the statement "This is a good
> definition of Free Software".

I'm curious: can you say a little more about this history?  The FSF's
"What is Free Software" essay lists a copyright date of 1996, and a
version dated May 15, 1997 is available from archive.org.  (The
current version of this essay is much longer and has many more
practical guidelines.)  When was the first version of the DFSG
written?  According the Debian's page, it was refined during June,


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