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Re: stepping in between Debian and FSF

> It would be a bizarre thing to me if RMS were to say "If Debian were to 
> stop distributing non-free, the FSF would agree that documentation needs 
> to be as free as programs and change the GFDL".  

I am _not_ calling for horse-trading between the two organizations. That
would inevitably lead to a feeling that one or both sides were
compromising their ethics to preserve their relationship. Rather than have
each side commit to do A for B, both sides need to commit to sincerely
discuss A and B with each other, and to proceed on reform of A and B
for reasons that are spelled out amply within their own organizations.

> Tempers on the part of debian-legal regulars are no higher than ever

I saw some confrontational behavior on the Debian side that I attribute
to, at the very least, a loss of patience. I saw Richard at less than his
best, as well.

> The FSF has every right to publish non-free work, but Debian should not
> bend it's rules to include it.  

It is just as much a bending of rules for FSF to publish such material.



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