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Re: GPL preamble removal

    > > And that seems OK to me. Although you can probably restrict yourself to
    > > the "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" part.

This brief citation does not show what case he was talking about.

If we're talking about use of the GNU GPL as such, the preamble may
not be removed.  It is, in effect, a sort of invariant section for
inclusion in all GPL-covered software.

By contrast, you can make a modified license (which is not the GPL)
using the terms and conditions of the GPL.  In that case, you would
need to ask the FSF's permission if you do want to use our preamble or
a modified version thereof.  But such a modified license is not the
GPL; you cannot use it as the license in a GPL-covered program.

These questions are both answered in the GPL FAQ, but apparently the
answers are not entirely clear.  If someone can show me specific text
and explain how it can be misunderstood, I can try to clarify it.

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