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Re: Decision GFDL

On Thu, Aug 28, 2003 at 01:22:10PM -0400, Walter Landry wrote:
> > You do realize that we are distributing GFDL manuals as part of Debian
> > right now?  The release manager isn't "deciding" that any more than
> > anyone else is.  If you must point a finger at someone, point it at
> > the package maintainers.
> The consensus on GFDL'd manuals emerged long after those manuals were
> put in.  The appropriate bugs have been filed, and I would point my
> finger at the Release Manager for allowing documented release-critical
> bugs to get into the released version.

These bugs are *already* in the released version.  The Release Manager
would simply be permitting another release which still has them.  The
alternative would be to delay the release.  Delaying a release because
of bugs which are already present in the previous version is silly.
Users would still be using the previous version during the delay, so
they won't be any better off.

The package maintainers have a different alternative, namely fixing
the bugs.

> If sarge was releasing a year ago, I would agree with you.  There was
> not the same kind of consensus, and we still had hope that the FSF
> would see the light.  Now there is a strong consensus, and the chance
> of the FSF seeing the light has been reduced to zero.  Moreover, there
> is still plenty of time to rip out documentation.

So, do it.  If I understand the schedule right, the deadline is
September 15th for gcc (minus testing delay) and October 1st for
most of the others (again, minus testing delay).

Richard Braakman

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