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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

    >It's not just a continuation of the status quo that is taking place
    >here.  The FSF has adopted an expansionist policy with respect to
    >Invariant Sections.

The choice of words in this text that you cited indicates a desire to
cast the FSF's actions in a harsh light.  I think that the only such
statements deserve is to point out that fact.

    This is a very important point.  I have stated before that I would
    not have serious objections to the FSF issuing a small number of
    non-free manuals for a good reason, as it has been doing for 15

The FSF manuals are all free documentation by our criteria.  We are
the ones who first started to say that documentation should be free,
and we are the ones who first wrote criteria for free documentation.

I hope that Debian developers will vote to follow our criteria for
free documentation, but they have the right to choose differently.
However, you cannot expect us to follow your choice if it differs from
ours.  Ultimately we and Debian may simply have to disagree.

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