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Re: Decision GFDL

On Tue, Aug 26, 2003 at 08:48:17PM +0200, Wouter Vanden Hove wrote:
> Where can I find the actual Debian-decision on the GNU Free
> Documentation License?

There has been no formal statement issued by the developers, but Debian
seldom bothers with such things.  We go years without issuing
non-technical position statements under clause 4.1.5 of our Consitution,
and most of the time our license DFSG-analysis process is relatively

However, a convenient way to gauge consensus on the issue can be found
by reading the following thread:


As noted in the following message:


I will be tallying results sometime on or about Thursday, 28 August.

Whether or not the rest of the Debian Project agrees to whatever
consensus this survey establishes, I cannot say.  If that particular
issue[1] remains divisive even afterwards, we may require a General
Resolution to settle it.

[1] not to be confused with "should we apply the DFSG to the GNU FDL *at

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