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Re: Is the GNU FDL a DFSG-free license?

Le lun 25/08/2003 à 16:21, Fedor Zuev a écrit :
> On Mon, 25 Aug 2003, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> >Le lun 25/08/2003 ? 09:22, Fedor Zuev a ?crit :
> >> When you try to apply license outside of its scope you should expect
> >> to receive funny results. GFDL has a very narrow scope. It is bad.
> >> But it is different problem.
> >No, it is exactly one of the problems.
> 	Every free license have its scope of applicability, outside
> of which it may turn to non-free license. For example, if you
> license a music phonorecord under GPL, you get pretty non-free
> phonorecord with funny license. And you can begin from GPL-covered
> literary work.

*shrug* This would be non-free? Wow.

BTW, don't even try to justify this statement, you have already proved
several times you are able to say any sort of crap without foundation in
this discussion.

> 	Yes, I would understand your points. GFDL has too narrow
> scope for.....
> 	But, please, can you take one point at a time?
> 	You talk about real dangers for users from GFDL?

We have been talking about dangers for users FROM THE BEGINNING OF THIS
DISCUSSION. I suggest you read it again. And if you don't understand it,
read it once again. This may be needed for stubborn minds.

> 	Or you talk about Eternal Freedom?

We are talking about freedom for our users *today*, not in 70 years.

> 	What _exactly_ wrong with DFSG? DFSG does not define scope
> in which works should be freely modifiable. It can't be universal
> scope because there is no licenses, which free in the universal
> scope.

Free licenses don't discriminate against scope, that is the point.
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