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Re: Bug#181493: SUN RPC code is DFSG-free

* Branden Robinson (branden@debian.org) [030824 23:35]:
> On Sat, Aug 23, 2003 at 06:50:19PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> > > I'm personally concerned about this particular phrase, as it seems to
> > > preclude Debian from distributing software with Sun RPC in it unless
> > > Debian itself is developing the product or program using Sun RPC.
> > 
> > Which we are, viz "The Debian Distribution".
> ...which means the license violates either DFSG 5, DFSG 6, or DFSG 8.


> If the fact that we *are* "the Debian Project" or *are* a group of
> "developers of products or programs" are facts that render us compliant
> with the license, then the license is not DFSG-free.

No. If the fact that we are the *Debian* Project would allow us the
use, it would violate DFSG 8. But in fact we're allowed to use it
because we are the Debian *Project*. This is _not_ Debian specific, as
we would also allowed to use it under the very same conditions if we
are a big money making company, or are the Gentoo Project, or ...

So, this license is specific to be used only as "part of a product or
programm". This is not worse than the Artistic License. There is no
hint or even proof that this License is Debian-specific, so it
complies to DFSG 8. (That I would like another license more is not
topic of discussion. Topic is whether the RPC-code complies to DFSG,
or if distribution glibc is a RC-bug.)

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