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Re: Is the GNU FDL a DFSG-free license?

> Brian T. Sniffen, on 2003-08-22, 13:54, you wrote:
> [...]
> Whew, I though this was a list for serious discussion, but some participants
> obviously have to reach a certain age first... *plonk*
> Joerg

I, for one, didn't find his argument juvenile at all. I agree with him;
you answered the question "is the GNU FDL DFSG-Free" with "yes", because
"I feel the GFDL is 'free enough'". It's not an answer to the question,
and it's not a useful answer--if I believe it's free enough, and you
don't, who is to decide? There's a reason for the "bureaucratic following 
of iron rules"; I want to know that if I create a license for a program
it will get the same treatment as when RMS does, and I want to know that
when I use a program that the license doesn't exclude short people because
someone thought that was "free enough".

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