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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

On Sunday, Aug 24, 2003, at 15:44 US/Eastern, Fedor Zuev wrote:

	I cannot see any connection between disagreement with anyone
opinion, and the right to censor somebody else's opinion, so
angrily demanded by you.

Hmmm, who here wants to put to use this new-found right (how the f--- is censorship a right? It's a power, but oh well...) of censorship to use against Fedor Zuev? I suggest we find some Men in Black in Russia to go rough him up a bit.

There a VERY large difference, as black from white, between me deciding not to repeat certain portions of Mr. Zuev's post[0] and sending people to intimidate or kill him. The former is known, at least in the free world, as free speech; the latter as censorship.

It's pretty damn simple. There is no coercion, no intimidation; there is no censorship. If a newspaper decides not to print your letter to the editor, too bad, that's not censorship. If Debian decides not to distribute your essay on perverting the language for fraudulent arguments, thats not censorship either.

[0] Just like cutting the philosophical sections from a manual.

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