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Re: Bug#181493: Is the Sun RPC License DFSG-free?

On Fri, Aug 22, 2003 at 02:05:57PM -0400, Brian T. Sniffen wrote:

> > Has anybody asked Sun for a clarification of the license, or tried to
> > obtain the code under a different license?  Or maybe the FSF has
> > obtained a suitable license and just forgot to update the copyright
> > notice?

> Sun has repeatedly clarified elsewhere that the intent of this is
> essentially "MIT/X11, except you may not distribute this product
> alone."

We also have essentially the same license with ttf-bitstream-vera.  I'd
like to close this bug, but haven't had the time to make sure that I
have solid arguments as to why to do so.

Assistance putting enough of a case together for that would be
appreciated (and we can include it in the copyright file for future

Jeff Bailey

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