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Re: Should our documentation be free? (Was Re: Inconsistencies in our approach)

Don Armstrong wrote:

However, you still have not brought forward a definition that
adequately draws a bright line to distinguish between software and
documentation. That is, at what point does software stop being
software and become documentation, and vice versa?

I see no need (but it is still possible) to have a very exact line between program and documentation. There are a lot of cases, when it is very clear that this particular file is documentation (there are *-doc packages, aren't they?). Difficult cases as literate language or TeX file which performs scientific math calculation should be treated in special way, for example, as programs. Formulating nice definitions will take some time. What can be a good start point is that programs can be executed by computer. Documentation is intended for human consumption and usually can not be executed by computer. It is clear that documentation source file can include kind of language, which can be used for the document formatting. Probably, one can manage to rewrite gzip utility, using TeX language. In this case TeX file will be program.

I want you understand me correctly, it is possible to have a clear exact bright line to distinguish between program and documentation. But I don't see where it can be used.
Best regards, Sergey Spiridonov

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