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debian-legal needs a FAQ (was: A possible approach in "solving" the FDL problem)

On Sunday, Aug 17, 2003, at 22:06 US/Eastern, MJ Ray wrote:

...a reminder that it's impossible to do this.  We have to assume that
the reader of the English-language version is actually capable of reading
English and understanding the words.  For all we know, someone could be
interpreting "the" as a reference to a hot drink, so I hope that you will clarify it for them, because it's our job to make sure people understand
it no matter how dumb they're being, right?

Come now, this is a little silly. I don't think the Social Contract should be lengthened by adding a bunch of definitions. However, I think this would be an appropriate subject for a Debian-legal FAQ.

Debian-legal really could use a FAQ. Now, I know that saying "X would be useful" is cheap. However, I hereby volunteer to help write and maintain it. I think there are a variety of subjects to cover, including:

	* Who we are
	  o What does debian-legal do?
	  o What types of questions should be posted here
	  o Who may ask questions here
	  o Pointer to the list archives
	  o Intruduction to some of the regulars here.
	* Our interpretation of the Social Contract
	  o How we understand the various words and phrases in it
	    - What we understand "software" to mean
	  o Specific tests we apply to licenses to gauge compliance
	    - desert island
	    - chinese dissident
	 * Specific legal things (better category title needed...)
	  o Certain cases that come up often
	    - Feist v. Rural Telecom
	    - Lotus v. Borland
	  o References to copyright laws worldwide
	    - Title 17 USC
	    - Many others
	* Discussion of various licenses
	  o Clearly OK ones
	    - BSD, GPL, etc.
	  o Borderline, but OK ones
	    - QPL(?)
	  o Not OK ones
	    - Quick signs of a non-free license (non-commercial use, etc.)
	    - Various commercial, no modification, etc. licenses.
	    - link to GFDL FAQ

I think this would be a good start if it was written and, as I said, I'm willing to write part of it. Any suggestions for the outline?

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