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Re: FFII-online-protest against patents

Felix E. Klee wrote:
> I guess that most of you are informed about software patents and know
> that they are incompatible with most, if not all, free software licenses
> (if not visit http://tinyurl.com/k64f).

No need to encrypt and hide URLs or did I miss something important?

> While planning this event we came up with the idea of a parallel
> "online protest" in the form of a "simulation of the effects of software
> patents on free software": We want operators of servers running/serving
> free software to shut down their site (or only offer access to it
> through some kind of backdoor) and display a statement concerning
> software patents instead. You can see an example on the FFII web site at
> http://www.ffii.org. We would like to see this statement to appear on as
> many web servers as possible (or "all over the web") on 27th August, the
> day of the event.
> BTW, in *my personal opinion* the whole thing would have much more of an
> impact if sites were shut down for a day and no backdoor is offered.
> Are there any chances that the Debian project participates in this
> "online protest"?

About zero.

> How can I reach people responsible for the web site?

That's written on about *every* web page.  Check the *last* link on any
of them.



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