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Your're Next!

Hi There!

	If I could show you a way that you could earn a significant income working out of your home (or garage like Steve Jobs & Bill Gates), and it did not adversely affect your current lifestyle or job, or anything else that you are doing right now, would you consider such a proposal?  

	If you would like information about this opportunity, please send me an email at:

               mailto:info-now@charter.net     and put    "Send Info" in the subject line

Please note that this is not an autoresponder.  I will reply to your request.  

***	Also, please note that your email address will not be used for ANY purpose other than sending you information on this particular opportunity.  I will not give your email address or any other information about you to anyone.  

*****   Unless you respond to this email, you will receive no further communication from me and I will close your file.  

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