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Re: GDB manual

    >     (Meanwhile, messages regarding the perceived problems have generally 
    >     been ignored outright.  Even messages asking for clarification: "It 
    >     looks to me like the FDL prohibits this.
    > Depending on where and how you sent them, that might or might not
    > indicate a problem.  licensing@gnu.org is the standard place for
    > inquiries.  If questions sent there did not get answered, please show
    > me the unanswered message so I can investigate what went wrong.  I
    > will try to make sure it does not happen again.

    What about the entire set of comments on the draft version of the
    GFDL? [1] There was never a response to any of those comments.

When people ask for explanation of a license, we try to answer in
order to help them out.  Criticism and demands are a different matter;
we deal with that in whatever way suits us.

Whether to change the GFDL is not a Debian decision, so I've decided
not to discuss that here.

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