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Re: Choosing a license for stumbleupon

On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 01:30:21PM +0000, Alan Woodland wrote:
> I filed an ITP recently for stumbleupon, and have been talking with the 
> upstream author about a suitable license for the mozilla toolbar.  Im 
> not an expert on legal or license related issues, so I'm posting here 
> for some advice/suggestions. Basicaly this is what the upstream author said:
> Geoff Smith wrote:
> >funnily enough, I haven't chosen a license yet.  I guess now would be a 
> >good time ;-)
> >
> >Is there still an issue with MPL?  I wouldn't mind using it, but I seem to 
> >remember some issues with DFSG and MPL a while back.  Have those been 
> >resolved?
> >
> >Do you have any opinions on what a good license would be?  My only 
> >concerns with the license is that being able to add proprietary extensions 
> >to stumbleupon would be nice (for people, possibly including me, who in 
> >the future want to add something to StumbleUpon that is closed-source)  I 
> >seem to remember this is a benefit of MPL.  On the other hand, I would 
> >also like to stop people from using the directly in proprietary software 
> >(which I remember being a disadvantage of BSD, and maybe MPL???)

Sounds like a classic application of the GNU GPL to me.  Am I missing
something obvious?

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